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Trophy Bull House

Distinctive finishes and authentic décor define this comfortable, ski-in ski-out luxury home.

This luxury custom home features stunning design and superior carpentry, with unique features defined by a blend of rustic aesthetics and contemporary finishes. The design style is predominantly timber frame, demonstrating a commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity in construction. The home is adorned with custom knotty elder wood interior finishes, from the doors to the kitchen cabinets. This use of high-quality, customized woodwork creates warmth and depth in the interior space that is both visually striking and functionally practical.

The exterior of the Trophy Bull House is complemented with a cinnamon bark ledge stone finish, enhancing the house's durability against rugged seasonal weather, while creating a memorable and elegant overall appearance. Vaulted ceilings provide an open, airy feel to the interior and an impressive skyline from the outside. The ceilings are complemented by large custom windows for an abundance of natural light that illuminates the home and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain terrain. A large fireplace, crafted of cinnamon bark ledge stone masonry matching the exterior finish, offers an inviting space for family gatherings, quiet moments of relaxation, and warming up after a long day on the ski slopes. French Oak flooring, selected for its distinct grain and warmth, contributes to an intimate and inviting feel throughout the home. In the kitchen, cozy barstool seating along an expansive two-level island invites conversation and connection. The house's décor, with rocky mountain and southwest cultural finishes, patterns, and artistic elements, conveys a diverse and authentic vibe.

The Trophy Bull House seamlessly combines the charm of timber-frame construction with modern architectural elements. Thoughtfully designed and crafted with the finest materials, this is a truly comfortable, elegant, and unique family home.





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