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Blue Ribbon Builders combines proven artisanship and superior service to build environments that elevate quality of life. Our roots run deep in this community, and in the natural landscapes around us.

Blue Ribbon Builders has been family owned and operated since we broke ground on our first project in the early 1970s. Living and working year-round in this dynamic, high-altitude environment gives us firsthand expertise in confidently and adeptly tackling the unique challenges of construction here. And we’ve been bringing mountain lifestyle dreams to life through wood, stone, glass, and earth since the very first chairlifts carried folks up Lone Peak.

Today, our forward-looking mindset means we are constantly improving on our methods while staying true to our values — every new project is our best work.


We compete with others in the industry simply by creating a better product.

Our work speaks for itself — our reputation is built on what we do. From the first concepts through the end of the build and beyond, we do the best possible work for the people we serve.

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We conduct ourselves openly, honestly, and with consideration for others.

By operating and communicating with transparency and clarity, and doing what we promise, we build trust naturally with our clients, community, partners, and our team.

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We don’t just do things the right way — we do the right thing.

By learning and deploying best practices across the organization, we maintain integrity and efficiency. We lead with a sense of humility — our success relies on remaining open to new ideas and all possible alternatives.

Our Process

We create opportunities for the people we work with and the communities we call home.

From facilitating the professional development of our craftsmen, to constructing incredible homes where our clients can build their legacies, we do what we do every day because we are passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives.