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Our Process


Blue Ribbon Builders cares about the project, the process, and the results just as much as our clients do.

Blue Ribbon provides full-service building backed by our mastery of the nuances of building in complex terrain for the benefit of both clients and architects. We know mountain construction — we know how to maximize our clients’ enjoyment of the indoor and outdoor opportunities to relax and play. Ultimately, we bring specific expertise to the table — what we offer is peace of mind.

Blue Ribbon’s services are comprehensive, and extend far beyond just construction — from walking undeveloped lots in pre-construction to managing longterm property maintenance, our partners appreciate the detailed, accurate cost estimates and scheduling services unique to Blue Ribbon Builders.



Long before the construction process starts, Blue Ribbon Builders gives thoughtful attention to both the big picture and the small, but critical, details. From the beginning, our process integrates collaboration, creativity, and strategic planning.

Setting a building on a piece of land is a process that requires careful attention to both aesthetics and logistics.

How can we capture the best views, find the water source, determine the most suitable ground for the septic system, and gain access according to the natural contours of the land, all while minimizing the project’s cost and footprint upon the environment?

Our expertise and experience ensure your house is located and oriented in a way that makes sense technically and amplifies the beauty of the home.

Blue Ribbon Builders provides unique insights during the team building process. We offer practical support through our connections with trusted and highly talented architects, interior designers, and thrive in a collaborative role alongside both longtime project partners and new professional colleagues.

Guiding you through the pros and cons of team building decisions as well as assisting with the selection process, Blue Ribbon Builders will help you build a team of established professional consultants ideal for your unique project.

Value Engineering is the process by which Blue Ribbon Builders helps to elevate the design phase from the very beginning. Relying on over four decades of company expertise and countless years of individual experience through our extremely talented staff, Blue Ribbon Builders can help guide the design implementation and execution to be the most efficient both in terms of time and materials, and therefore cost-effective to build and maintain.

  • Architectural Plans
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (Site Topographical Survey* / Geotechnical Report*)
  • Interior Design
  • Other Design & Engineering

  • CC&R Review* / Variances
  • Design Review / Architectural Review
  • Permitting (Sewer and Water, Land Use, Fire and Safety, Storm Water. Etc.) (varies greatly by project can be up to 6+ month process)
  • Constructability/Site Analysis*
  • Maintainability Analysis
  • Preliminary Scheduling
  • Control Estimating / Value Engineering

  • Site grading / Cut and Fill
  • Utilities Install
  • Driveway/ Access Install
  • Site work / Retaining Walls / Geotechnical Investigation*

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This is the heart and foundation of what Blue Ribbon Builders does. The building is in our name — but most importantly, it’s our passion. The homes we create for our clients are the culmination of OUR decades of expertise, unwavering dedication to the details, skillful touch, true creative vision, and an overall commitment to superior builds.

Our proprietary process facilitates both an incredible client build experience, and beautiful, livable results. We get things done up here in the mountains, and we always do things right. Blue Ribbon operates with a philosophy of clear communication and focused attention to detail — we specialize in weaving together your luxury lifestyle goals and architectural vision with a real-world budget and achievable construction timeline. Our team understands how to deliver value throughout the construction process. From brand new builds to exciting remodels, Blue Ribbon Builders goes all-in for every project, and everyone from our hardworking project managers to skilled carpenters plays a key role in bringing your dream home to life.

  • Carpentry, structural and finish framing, exterior and wood finish, moisture barriers
  • Doors and windows
  • Concrete, steel, and masonry
  • Cabinetry, appliance, and lighting installation

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We build for life. The timelessness and longevity of a Blue Ribbon build include ongoing management, maintenance, and support. We work proactively to ensure every element of your home is attuned to your lifestyle — in perfect condition for decades to come. Whether you need property management or appliance warranty support, our team steps up and leans in. Should the future hold a new vision for your home, Blue Ribbon will help guide you through the remodeling process.

As part of the Blue Ribbon Builders project completion program, we complete a detailed job shut down procedure to ensure you are completely satisfied with the project. As part of our closeout services, we provide equipment training and operating manuals along with all warranty information and systems contacts. Once the project is complete, Blue Ribbon Builders stands behind our work 100%.

We will develop specific maintenance schedules and programs designed to prolong the life of each element of the home. We can then provide all the maintenance and monitoring for your home to ensure the continued value of your investment.

Blue Ribbon Builders will be here for recurring small projects, from adding that built in bookshelf that you originally decided against or completing the unfinished apartment above the garage that the budget wouldn’t allow. You can rest assured that the Blue Ribbon Builders service team will be here to help with your continued construction needs for years to come.

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