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Sports Barn

The transformation of a traditional Montana barn into a unique family sanctuary for sports, wellness, and shared memories blends rustic charm with modern amenities.

Redefining a traditional Montana structure as a unique, multi-purpose space, the Sports Barn is a testament to innovative design and adaptive use of space. The Sports Barn is more than just a recreational facility – it’s a sanctuary tailor-made for the property owner’s family, fostering both physical well-being and shared family experiences. Situated on a generous plot along with the family home, this 2,400 sq ft barn maintains a rustic charm with its corrugated metal siding and standing metal seams. The sturdy truss roofing and exposed beams and posts further accentuate the traditional barn aesthetic, creating an appealing contrast to its modern functionality. The expansive space encompasses a well-equipped exercise room and an indoor basketball court. Equipment storage keeps the area organized and clutter-free, while a luxurious sauna offers a place to relax and rejuvenate post-workout. The Sports Barn also houses a well-appointed bathroom with a shower and lockers, providing convenience and comfort, and a kitchen area for preparing nutritious post-workout meals or catering to larger family events. Transforming a classic structure into a personalized family sports center, the Sports Barn is unlike anything else.


"You guys have all been awesome…appreciate all the excellent work and help with this project."

- -Owner



Van Bryan Studio Architects

Interior Design:



Kevin Chartier

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