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Night Sky House

Stately serenity with magnificent views.

The stunning Night Sky House balances the gravity of thick-cut stone, timber beams, and iron lighting accents with vaulted ceilings and airy alpine views. Its most magnificent feature is the one-of-a-kind vista of Lone Peak, perfectly framed by vast windows – appearing as though the mountain was made to fit into the frame, rather than the other way around. The home’s Great Room is dominated by perfectly-placed stone fireplaces, emanating the energy of warm, flickering glows where friends and family gather to relax and connect. Canopied ceilings and massive windows create an immersive environment that seems as wide-open as the night skies. From the exterior, timber frame dormers exude simple elegance, precision craftsmanship, and an enduring European aesthetic in a marriage of form and function.


“The home was designed and built on an axis and with curvature that allows every room with western exposure to capture the Lone Peak view.”

- Big Sky Journal



Reid Smith

Interior Designer:

Varda Interiors- Michelle Varda

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