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Mountain Magic

A spectacular timber frame home, within a sanctuary of natural beauty and the immersed in the gentle sound of falling water.

This custom-built Timber Frame home is a spectacular sight — but its location nestled in nature makes it a treat for the other senses as well. Every material, amenity, and carefully-chosen components were designed to evoke a sense of warm welcome.

The impressive kitchen was made to entertain, featuring stainless steel countertops along the perimeter and an extra large granite countertop with a built-in steamer. Stocked with restaurant-grade appliances, it is purpose-built as the living, beating heart of the home, ripe for creativity, connection, and sensory enjoyment. The pantry door has a chalkboard panel to leave notes or write the day’s menu, creating connections through a tangible, lingering means of communication. The hallmark of this room is the gently curved wine cabinet with bent glass and mahogany molding and a built in chilling unit. Salut!

The living area features reclaimed timbers for trusses and purlins, and western red cedar log posts. The mantel is a beautiful centerpiece, made from juniper wood which is native to the Montana mountains. Grounded by an equally impressive one-piece hearth stone, the entire space speaks the language of comfort and infuses a sense of place.

Natural inspiration makes a grand entrance in this mountain home. The custom-designed staircase and mural evoke the experience of walking in a forest woodland. A hallway bridge leading to the guest suite utilizes the unique elements of a pebble path with inlaid twinkling fiber optic lights. This, in combination with the gently flowing water underneath, makes for a magical experience.

The family room features a wet bar made of reclaimed tin and old license plates. The craftsman were encouraged to put carvings into the bar, as a truly personal touch.

The design and construction of this special home was a labor of love born of inspiration as big as Big Sky Country, created through the collaborative relationships of the designer, architect, Blue Ribbon Builders, and most importantly, the clients.


“It has been a pleasure working with you – from start to finish. Thanks for everything.”




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