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Madison River Ranch

Located right on the Madison River this reconstructed ranch getaway is a fisherman’s dream.

The setting of Madison Ranch is what makes it so spectacular. Beautifully situated on a wide open plain with mountains in the background almost makes it look as if the land was just waiting for this home to be built on it. The main house is surrounded by three smaller guest cabins inviting friends to come and stay. A fitting explanation for the look of this ranch is rustic charm. After taking one quick look at the kitchen it will be obvious how this could be a favorite room in the house. While it’s made to look much older, rest assured that this space has all the modern conveniences of a luxury kitchen. The amount of space to work makes it easy for all members of the family to join in preparing a delicious meal. After the meal has been prepared, no one will object to sitting down in the well-lit dining room to eat. Everyone will enjoy the large stone fireplace casting shadows and light in while they dine. There will be no arguing as to who site where because the windows in this room truly surround the table.


“Thanks for helping us build a wonderful place! The BRB team has been great to deal with and we will never forget what you have done for our family.”




Kirk Michaels 


Roger Wade Studios

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Design Associates

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