Emma Plagman - Blue Ribbon Builders
Emma Plagman-headshot

Emma Plagman

Assistant to Treasurer

Emma Penton joined the Blue Ribbon team as Assistant to the Treasurer in 2022, helping manage and oversee cash management and financial accounting. She thrives on the dynamic nature of the work — tackling a new challenge every day, with endless opportunities to learn and problem-solve. Emma also loves interacting with all the fantastic folks in the positive, focused work environment of the Blue Ribbon office. She is proud to help serve clients with a smile and a commitment to excellence. Emma approaches her work quickly and directly, with an aptitude for successful multi-tasking and organization. An EMT and formerly a Medic in the Army National Guard, she is a positive and productive force on the team. Together with her husband Eric, Emma might be found in the kitchen baking up a storm on weekends, hanging out with friends, or relaxing at home.

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