Custom Homes of Southwest Montana 2005 - Blue Ribbon Builders

Custom Homes of Southwest Montana 2005

2005 custom homes of swmt cover

“After interviewing various builders, they decided on a local contractor, Blue Ribbon Builders of Big Sky, because of their excellent 30-year reputation.

Blue Ribbon Builders specializes in custom log homes and the use of reclaimed materials, in addition to conventional stick frame houses and commercial buildings. They also operate a millworking shop where they create custom cabinetry and finish work for their clients. A company built on honesty, respect, and a strong belief in what they do, Blue Ribbon Builders is an old fashioned, hands-on, full service contractor. Owners Doug and JoDean Bing point out that, ‘Most of what we build are very large and elaborate log homes,’ but they assure that Blue Ribbon is always willing to build a smaller home at a fair price.”

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