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Green Building (case study)


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The environment has always been important to Blue Ribbon Builders so when our client wanted to build an house that could sustain itself off the grid we were excited to build such a sustainable project. When the project commenced in early 2001 it was one of the first in the area to use solar and wind energy generation to such an extent.


After 12 years how is the sustainable energy system functioning today?

As intended, but maintenance is ongoing.

What components have been the most beneficial?

The water heating solar panels, both domestic and heat have been functioning very well.

What components have been replaced?

The wind and photovoltaic power storage batteries were replaced with Gel batteries, with no problems since then. The wind turbine is currently being replaced with a larger more powerful turbine.

Has this system been able to sustain itself off the grid?

No, but it was never intended to do so. With essentially 3 residences on one meter, the power bill is around $200 per month on average.

Does it appear to be a money saver in the long run?

I have not kept track, but I doubt I will ever see the system pay for itself, but it is the right thing to do.

Would you install it all again?

Yes, Absolutely!

In Summary:

In summary, pioneers like the Camp Arrowhead Owner provided a great case studies to verify our beliefs about the best investments for green energy. We strive to offer each client the best information and realistic expectations of all continuing costs, so they can make an informed decision. As prices begin to fall we see that there are long term economic benefits to thermal conductive technologies with real paybacks and we are also always excited to help pave the way and pioneer the field testing of new technologies.

[ssba] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Enclave” active=”no”] For the Enclave Project geothermal was added and retrofitted to an existing radiant heating system. With today’s rising energy costs we highly encourage all of our clients to consider the economic and environmental benefits of radiant heating systems combined with either, geothermal or Solar thermal options. Utilisation of such green technologies is quickly becoming as economically feasible as it is environmentally responsible.

[ssba] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Andesite Ridge” active=”no”] This project is the largest geothermal system that we have installed to date with over 14 wells providing heat for a house of 9226 sq feet. In large projects like this it is important to properly engineer the system in order to ensure that it will perform to your desired objectives. Working with Engineers, Consultants, and Subcontractors Blue Ribbon Builders was able to reduce the wells required from 18 to 14 while ensuring that this system was designed to properly engineered specifications needed to provide a sustainable heating system for years to come.
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