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With over 30 years of experience as Custom Home Builders, each client and every project is highly individual and therefore the services Blue Ribbon Builders provides reflect each client’s desires. We maintain the flexibility to adapt in order to achieve each specific client’s needs and dreams while providing exceptional customer service at every turn. The process of creating a custom home is a marriage of science and beauty. More than 38 years of experience ensures that every detail will be thoughtfully and intelligently planned. The end results come in the form of an exquisite custom home and an extremely satisfied client.

Most of Blue Ribbon Builders projects are executed with clients, Architects, and other professionals in a highly collaborative team effort to produce successful projects that are on time and within budget. Our greatest success at doing so occurs when we are invited to get involved early in the process.

  • Green Building

    Blue Ribbon Builders has always practiced our value engineering process of minimizing waste and increasing the efficiency. This process is one of the most important steps in the utilization of your building resources in a sustainable manner and maximizing the energy efficiency of your home.

    Other important aspects are the sourcing of sustainable materials and selecting materials that provide a healthy indoor environment. Finally alternative energy options should be evaluated to offset the environmental costs of operating your home. There are several options available to assist you in this goal from solar to wind. Some of the most efficient options are thermal conductivity options of solar thermal hot water and geothermal heat pumps.

    We offer a team of consultants and tradesmen to guide you through the options and associated benefits which environmentally conscious building provides. Our knowledge of locally available options that fulfill these requirements allows the client to make the choice to minimize their impact on the environment and support the local economy.


    A Photovoltaic and wind turbine electrical system was constructed for this client that was capable of providing heat and power for the entire project of over 10,000 sq feet.

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  • Site Selection & Analysis

    Site Selection & Analysis

    Setting a building on a piece of land is a process that requires careful attention to both aesthetics and logistics. Blue Ribbon Builders has the experience and expertise to locate and orientate your house in a way that makes sense technically and adds to the beauty of the home.

    Even before the construction process starts, Blue Ribbon Builders pays thoughtful attention to both the big picture and the small, but critical, details. How can you capture the best views, find the water source, determine the most suitable ground for the septic system, and gain access according to the natural contours of the land, all while minimizing the project’s cost and footprint upon the environment?



    Without an architect on the project, Blue Ribbon Builders relied on more than three decades of experience to site, design, and build this home flawlessly.

    Owner, Basin House

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    Team Building

    Team Building

    Blue Ribbon Builders can provide valuable insight during the teambuilding process. Guiding you through the pros and cons of team building decisions as well as assisting with the selection process. Blue Ribbon Builders will help you build a team of established professional consultants right for your project.


    If an architect, or interior designer is not on board who should I consider?

    Is a landscape designer or mechanical engineer needed for my project?

    Value Engineering

    Value Engineering

    Value Engineering is the process by which Blue Ribbon Builders gets involved in the design phase from the very beginning. Relying on more than 38 years of experience and an extremely talented staff, Blue Ribbon Builders can help shape the design in a way that will be efficient both in terms of time and materials, and therefore cost-effective to build and maintain.


    Knowing not only the climate but the market of local suppliers ensures that the smartest choices are made through the value engineering process.

  • General Contracting

    General Contracting

    We have built a broad range of projects over the last three decades, Blue Ribbon Builders continually stands out above the crowd of log home builders. Our years of experience have allowed us to become well-respected experts in the construction of exquisite log, timber frame and traditional homes.

    Our work has been focused on the design and construction of the highest quality Custom Homes, Estates and Ranch Retreats. We have also been involved in Multi-Unit Residential Development, Professional Buildings, Retail/Commercial, Restaurants, and Medical Construction.

    Blue Ribbon Builders has extensive experience in a wide range of architectural styles and finishes, from classic traditional to mountain rustic to ultra-contemporary. Please take a look at our extensive portfolio to see the many projects that we are proud to have completed.


    The process of creating a custom home is a marriage of science and beauty. Our experience ensures that every detail will be thoughtfully and intelligently planned.

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    Blue Ribbon Builders has extensive experience in the remodeling business from small scale to extensive additions. From expanding a deck to adding a new wing, efficient scheduling and project management ensure minimal disturbance to the enjoyment of your property and the completion of your upgrades in a cost efficient manner.


    Many a jaw was dropped as diners entered the newly renovated bistro-style eatery for the first time.




  • Project Completion Program

    As part of the Blue Ribbon Builders project completion program, we complete a detailed job shut down procedure to ensure you are completely satisfied with the project. As part of our closeout services, we provide equipment training and operating manuals along with all warranty information and systems contacts. Once the project is complete, Blue Ribbon Builders stands behind our work 100%.

    Maintenance Management Program

    We will develop specific maintenance schedules and programs designed to prolong the life of each element of the home. We can then provide all the maintenance and monitoring for your home to ensure the continued value of your investment.

    Continued Service

    Blue Ribbon Builders will be here for recurring small projects, from adding that built in bookshelf that you originally decided against or completing the unfinished apartment above the garage that the budget wouldn’t allow. You can rest assured that the Blue Ribbon Builders service team will be here to help with your continued construction needs for years to come.