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Post Construction

Project Completion Program

As part of the Blue Ribbon Builders project completion program, we complete a detailed job shut down procedure to ensure you are completely satisfied with the project. As part of our closeout services, we provide equipment training and operating manuals along with all warranty information and systems contacts. Once the project is complete, Blue Ribbon Builders stands behind our work 100%.

Maintenance Management Program

We will develop specific maintenance schedules and programs designed to prolong the life of each element of the home. We can then provide all the maintenance and monitoring for your home to ensure the continued value of your investment.

Continued Service

Blue Ribbon Builders will be here for recurring small projects, from adding that built in bookshelf that you originally decided against or completing the unfinished apartment above the garage that the budget wouldn’t allow. You can rest assured that the Blue Ribbon Builders service team will be here to help with your continued construction needs for years to come.