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Company Values

Our Home

At Blue Ribbon Builders, Big Sky is more than just a job site. In addition to the more than 150 projects we’ve successfully completed, we’ve built our families here and are dedicated to seeing Big Sky stay the marvelous place we all know and love. Our roots are deep; our commitment to community unwavering.

Our Values

  • We conduct ourselves openly, honestly and, with consideration for others.
  • We compete with other companies by producing a better product.
  • We believe in what we do.
  • We manage through the process of “consensus” instead of confrontation.
  • We focus on people’s growth within the framework of Blue Ribbon Builders, our customers and craftsmen are our greatest assets.

“Our steadfast dedication to quality is reflected in every detail of each house we build, and in the relationships we create throughout that process.”

-Doug and JoDean Bing, Blue Ribbon Builders